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  • Virtual Throttle X to circumvent engine core RPM simulation

  • Brand new 26L type brake stand (advanced brakes) simulation

  • Entire new power output simulation to circumvent core ammeter output and tractive effort/dynamic braking calculation with built-in wheelslip prevention system and output regulator

  • Accurate series-parallel and inverse traction transition

  • Entire new engine temperature simulation in accordance with radiator cooling fan control system and optimal engine operation temperatures

  • Realistic dynamic brake blower and radiator fan animation that carries rotational inertia

  • Independent headlight and ditchlight control

  • Independent air-powered wiper setting with full speed control

  • Engine isolation simulation

  • Independent working classlight control where applicable

  • Interactive cab radio and HOTD (Head Of Train Device) where applicable

  • Smooth operating gauges to reflect the analog nature of each readout

  • Virtual Horn X to circumvent engine core horn simulation with built in horn suppression system

  • Mechanically operated air bell simulation

  • Shaft driven type WBO air compressor simulation

  • Random exhaust particle distribution simulation based on external factors such as ambient temperature, season, engine load and engine operating time

  • Engine start and shutdown simulation to circumvent core engine simulation

  • This locomotive cannot be operated using simple controls or other external controllers such as XBOX or through the use of a RailDriver

  • Due to advanced controls, this locomotive is meant for experienced Train Simulator users only

  • Headlight Flares and dynamic lighting should be enabled in your in-game settings tab

  • Make sure to read through the operating manual before attempting to use this product

  • All manuals can be found in your root Railworks folder under the "Manuals" sub folder or can be directly downloaded from this page (see DOWNLOADS section)


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JointedRail EMD SD40-2 - UP Pack - Operators Manual
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Take seat behind the controls of the iconic EMD SD40-2 and get to experience the feel of a true diesel-electric locomotive right from your  computer.


We reached out to JointedRail to bring over their fantastic line of products to Dovetail Games' Train Simulator series and the results are truly impressive!

Our new locomotives deliver a very realistic running experience build upon true-to-life experience and direct feedback from actual engineers and conductors.

That way we can assure a fun yet challenging running experience for both casual and veteran players. We kept the learning curve simple, however you will have to apply more than just power to get this thing moving.

  • EMD SD40N in Union Pacific's latest scheme

  • Union Pacific specific rebuilt details such as the 994-series air dryer or cab roof mounted AC unit

  • Union Pacific specific in-cab equipment such as speedometer, HOTD  (fully working and interactable)

  • Fully openable doors/windows

  • Separately animated and controlled air-powered windshield wipers

  • External animations such as radiator cooling fans/dynamic braking fans and air-powered bell

  • High quality engine audio recorded at 96kHz from the actual prototype (EMD 16-645E3)

  • Nathan K3LA equipped

  • Dynamic  (layered)  audio for engine/horn and bell sounds

  • Dynamic EMD-style exhaust effects

  • Dynamic fading lights

  • Independent numberboards, walkway and step lighting

  • Key-activated shadow-casting for steplights

  • Quick Drive compatible

  • AIX equipped

  • Download size: 413.0MB

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