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SKU: AC4400-CPR-B1

Welcome to the Searchlight Simulations AC4400 in Canadian Pacific's “Golden Beaver” livery. We have spent the last five years committed to researching every nut and bolt of the AC4400, as well as ensuring the operational practices used by Canadian Pacific were well documented within reason. In those five years we went from just a programmer/3D Artist/Texture Artist, audio engineer, and R&D man, to a team of eight. All people with goals aligned to recreate an immersive experience. This project is the accumulation of all of our dreams, and we hope that it shows. After ten thousands of hours of work, thousands of pictures taken and hundreds of sounds recorded from the prototype, months of scripting and trouble shooting and many stressful nights, we can finally deliver you the ultimate AC4400 experience.


This locomotive comes in a unprecedented level of accuracy never before seen in the North American market and includes ground-breaking features which will leave you speechless and fully immerse you the moment you step a foot inside the operating cab.


Carefully built upon direct feedback of actual engineers, conductors and mechanics, actual maintenance manuals and with the community in-mind, this AC4400 delivers everything you have ever wished for! We have not left out a single opportunity to recreate even the tiniest and seemingly most needless details of the prototype to ensure the closest driving experience in-game short of holding your own engineers license.

    • AC4400 in Canadian Pacific's as-delivered 'Golden Beaver' livery

    • Most accurate 3D representation of a GE AC4400 available in any simulator to-date

    • Most detailed NA locomotive model ever produced for any train simulator to-date

    • Fully modeled operating cab

    • Every single switch, control surface interactable

    • Fully openable doors/windows

    • Engine start station

    • Reverser key

    • Dynamic in-cab camera movement

    • External animations such as brake cylinders, brake shoes and air-powered bell

    • High quality engine audio recorded at 96kHz from the actual prototype (GE 7FDL16AE)

    • Nathan K3LR2 equipped

    • Dynamic  (layered)  audio for engine/horn and bell sounds

    • Dynamic GE-style exhaust effects

    • Dynamic fading lights

    • Advanced external and internal lighting effects

    • Full night lighting

    • Toggleable gage lighting

    • Toggleable headlight light casting

    • Key-activated lights shadow-casting

    • Three realistic scenarios that provide both easy introduction and hard challenge

    • Quick Drive compatible

    • RailDriver® compatible

    • AIX equipped

    • Download size: 481MB